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26 Jan 2022

Why is Water Extraction Important?

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When your home floods, time is of the essence to mitigate the effects of standing water over a long time. Most water-related emergencies occur at the least expected time, leading to frustration and inconvenience trying to figure out the cause of the problem. That’s why you need to onboard experts from a reputable and reliable water damage restoration company to alleviate further damage to your valuables. The Remediation Team eliminates guesswork by doing all the heavy lifting and addressing the root of the problem before it becomes a significant problem.
With years of providing top-notch water damage restoration services, we discovered that the most common causes for indoor flooding include leaky lines, drainage issues, heavy rains, and damaged grounds. Standing water has a lot of severe repercussions to your property and health, but don’t worry; we can restore your home to its immaculate condition. The Remediation Team can help you with water extraction using top-of-the-line equipment for enhanced efficiency and effectiveness of the water damage restoration process.


Water Extraction Process

Although it’s advisable to leave it to a water damage restoration company, homeowners should be conversant with the water extraction process when an emergency occurs. During water removal, we begin by locating the source of the excess water to assess safety hazards. This involves conducting a comprehensive assessment of your home, using cutting-edge equipment such as moisture meters and thermal imaging to determine the extent of the damage. This goes a long way in reducing water damage before the experts from The Remediation Team arrive on the scene.
The Remediation Team provides a range of services for water damage restoration, relieving you of the hassle of dealing with restoration and water extraction on your own. Once we are done with extraction, the next step is to dry, disinfect, and sanitize the affected areas in your home. Pumping can be recommended to get rid of excess water in areas that are tough to reach, ensuring that all the cavities and walls of your home are completely dry. We also incorporate the use of a vacuum to extract water from your carpet, restoring everything to its pristine condition.

Water Extraction VS. Water Mitigation

Most people are usually confused about water extraction and water mitigation. Although both are part of the water damage restoration process, water extraction is usually done first to reduce the severity of water damage. Working with a water damage restoration company ensures you have all the information needed before work commences.
Water mitigation comes after and involves the extraction of parts and material that can’t be salvaged. This can range from furniture, drywall, and flooring, among other things. When you onboard the professionals at The Remediation Team, we lift the burden of cleaning, drying, and sanitizing your home after a flood, ensuring you come back to a safe, comfortable home.
The easiest way to deal with a flood in your home is to call a water damage restoration company. Contact us today at The Remediation Team and leverage our years of experience, guaranteeing your safety.

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