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16 May 2022

Why Is There Water Damage Under My Front Door?

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Standing water under your interior door is usually not a reason for concern. A messy child or a pet causes it. However, you need to hire a water damage restoration company for maintenance and cleanup if none of these cases before it get out of hand. At The Remediation Team, we have a well-equipped and trained professional team to provide quality water damage cleanup and repairs. Our goal is to restore your home to its pre-damage condition, preventing further damage that can cost you thousands of dollars.


We take the time to conduct a comprehensive assessment of the affected area to pinpoint the problem before proceeding with cleanup and repairs. Although the threshold is usually the point of failure, The Remediation Team will check the door, floor, and threshold. This helps mitigate further damage and ensures that proper maintenance is done quickly.


Door thresholds are the metal barrier that separates the door frame and the bottom of the door, making them a vital part of any exterior door. Thresholds are made of malleable materials like bronze, brass, or stainless steel, making them susceptible to damage and bending over time. If you detect bowing or sagging on your door, it is a sign that moisture is seeping through, causing water to stagnate beneath the door.

Fixing a damaged threshold requires simple replacements and adjustments to ensure the water strip is properly fixed. If the damages are irreversible, we can provide a complete rework of the entire system so that water and air are completely sealed out. Our restoration professionals can locate the source of the problem to avoid problems in the future.

Floor Damage

While wooden floors are susceptible to water damage, concrete floors degrade over time if water is left to collect for a long. Homeowners must familiarize themselves with the various signs of potential floor damage to get onboard a water damage restoration company for repairs. Some of the signs of warping, stains, and soft spots, call for professional restoration services. If the damage to your flooring is severe, we recommend replacing the entire damaged area near the door. The door, especially near the baseboards.

Door Frames

A weakness at the door can allow water to seep through, especially if you have wooden exterior doors which are easily damaged by the elements. A poorly sealed door creates small openings for the elements and results in other issues like rot. Luckily, routine maintenance checks by a reputable water damage restoration company can ensure the necessary repairs are done on time without replacing the entire door.

Homeowners can use several DIY solutions to prevent further deterioration, but the most effective solution is hiring a professional. Aside from repairing your door, we will also look for the cause of the problem to ensure future issues are prevented. Call us today at The Remediation Team for top-notch water damage cleanup and restoration services. We guarantee exceptional service at a pocket-friendly rate.

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