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27 Oct 2022

What is the Average Cost for Water Damage Restoration?

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Experiencing water damage is a situation you’d wish to avoid, but if it were to happen, then the cost can be hefty. The final price of a water damage restoration depends on multiple factors.


These factors include how clean or dirty the water is, how much of the area has been contaminated by the water, and if the drywall or structure of the home has been affected.

This process is often done by professionals as they are qualified to accurately identify these factors.

In this blog post, our experts at The Remediation Team will explain the costs of a water damage restoration.

Damage Removals

Whether your residence was hit by a storm or a flood, the damage it leaves could be critical. This results in a water damage removal process. The way this process works is by having your home inspected to seek the damages. This includes your walls, ceilings, and floor panels. Once that is done, a group of professionals will remove any affected materials and areas that need to be restored. As the removal process ends, the restoration begins.

The labor from these procedures will add onto your cost for the restoration as progress is made.

The Restoration

A water damage restoration is the process of cleaning up leftover water, drying materials and the structures, and then repairing the residence. Of course, there are separate processes during the restoration that are important.

As we talked about leftover water, this is a process of removing the water. Companies use high-grade tools and mounts to remove large volumes of water. This also comes with the use of dehumidifiers and big fans as well. A dehumidifier helps with the moisture to stop further damage from occurring, such as mold. A big air-moving fan assists this dehumidifier by circulating the air-ways. With all tools in play, extracting the water from the home becomes a simple job.

A clean-up phase is also necessary. As outside water has entered the home, this invites contaminated water with unknown bacteria. It is important to sanitize affected areas and dry them. Getting rid of the bacteria before it spreads is vital.

Water mitigation is a stage where you’re able to prevent or reverse damages. Even if an area has experienced water damage, it may still be in repairable condition. There are also areas that haven’t been affected at all and need protection. Too much moisture can start minimal damages in other rooms. It is important to keep tabs on everything in the home.

The Total Cost

Like we said before, the cost of a restoration solely depends on the factor of the damages. The ballpark of a restoration is around $1,000 to $5,300. The average cost a homeowner pays is about $3,000. The severity of the damages is what spikes up the price usually.

Additional costs can be added because of bacteria such as mold. Adding on labor costs with this will also raise the price as well.

Need Help With a Restoration?

Dealing with water damage is not for the weak, and also isn’t something you should be dealing with on your own. Here at The Remediation Team, we are dedicated to resolving your issues. If you need assistance, contact our friendly representatives today to have an expert dispatched to your location.

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