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Water Damage Restoration in Buford, GA

Buford residents do not have to dial through web results for “water damage restoration near me” and listen to automated messages. If you need urgent assistance, then put your faith in The Remediation Team. We are an IICRC certified leader in the industry with a focus on quality, quick, and long-lasting results. This premier service is not going to cost you an arm and a leg either. Our specialists will work with you during the insurance claim filing process to help you get as much covered as possible. Don’t wait! Call The Remediation Team to get started on that water damage cleanup and water damage restoration in Buford today. Our representatives are ready when you are.

Water Damage Can Cost You Tens of Thousands

If you are hesitant in hiring a Buford water damage restoration company because you are worried about the cost, then wait until you hear about the cost delaying the water extraction and water damage restoration. Standing water is a breeding ground for bacteria, mold, and mildew. It can also deteriorate and destroy furniture, appliances, electronics, and even your building’s foundation if it is not properly contained and controlled quickly. The damages can quickly sum up to tens of thousands of dollars.
You should not worry about pricing. The Remediation Team is committed to honest and competitive pricing. Plus, we work with you to file your insurance claim and help you maximize your cut from the insurance provider. After all, you did not pay your insurance premiums for nothing.


Act with Urgency!

When it comes to water damage, the first 48 hours is a crucial window for a few reasons. First, water quickly seeps through the building’s structure. Wooden floors, drywalls, and furniture will suffer slow deterioration that speeds up after the first 48 hours. Then, there is the mold and mildew that takes hold during this time. Finally, there is the insurance company. Your insurance provider will probably give you problems if you do not act quickly. Therefore, time is of the essence. 
There is no reason to postpone the water removal and water damage repair in Buford. Call The Remediation Team for quick and reliable water damage repair. Our specialist can be at your location within the hour.

What to Do Before the Specialist Arrives

You might be tempted to get started on your water damage cleanup in Buford even before the specialist arrives, but we advise you wait. There are two reasons for this recommendation.

First, your property insurance provider wants to see documentation of the damages BEFORE any work is done. Instead of bringing out the mop, we recommend you pull out your phone or camera instead. Take plenty of photos and videos of the damage.

The second reason we advise against self-cleanup is due to safety hazards. There is a good chance the standing water has come into contact with electrical wiring, power cords, and electrical outlets. Sagging ceilings and walls also make the area unsafe. It is best you evacuate the property and wait for the specialist to arrive.

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