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11 Oct 2022

Warning Signs of a Harmful Crawl Space

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Crawl spaces are usually below ground level and require proper ventilation and maintenance. A neglected crawl space creates the ideal environment for unwanted critters on your premises, like rodents and insects. If these harmful creatures make your crawl space their home, it can cause health complications. The situation worsens if mold develops in these spaces and a member of your household suffers from a pre-existing condition. The Remediation Team is a reputable water damage removal service that can help you maintain a safe crawl space.


While crawl spaces aren’t always at the top of your maintenance list, routine inspections by a professional water damage restoration company can help detect signs of deterioration before it becomes irreversible. Here are signs to look out for, knowing your crawl space is a potential risk.

Cracks in the Foundation

Property owners should ensure installing a vapor barrier or encapsulation system to prevent moisture from penetrating the earth floor of the crawl space. Prolonged exposure to moisture promotes mold and leads to cracks in the foundation that widen over time. Failure to address the problem early leads to more water and corrosion of utility components like fittings, valves, pipes and other metallic parts. If you suspect damage to your foundation, you must consult a water damage removal expert to address the issue before it snowballs out of control.

Drooping or Sloping Floors

Regardless of the circumstance, sagging floors are never a good sign. The best action is to have a professional conduct a maintenance check and recommend a viable solution. Many things can cause your floors to droop, and finding out the root of the issue is vital to mitigating further deterioration. If the flooring in your building is sloping, and there’s a crawl space in your premises, you need to have a water damage removal service address the problem as soon as possible.

Moisture Condensation

As mentioned, a crawl space is an area beneath the house with dirt floors and can be accessed through a small opening. Moisture usually comes from condensation in the air, water seeping through the foundation walls, or leaking pipes. Moisture in your crawl space can cause a lot of harm, allowing insects, fungi, and other pests to thrive. To avoid the damage caused by these critters, like wood damage, structural deterioration, and health complications, a water damage restoration service can help to restore your crawl space to optimal condition.

Water or Flooding

When dealing with water damage, time is of the essence to prevent costly repairs and subsequent safety hazards. Suppose you don’t want mold spores to compromise the quality of your air or your sub-flooring to warp. Hire a water damage restoration company to conduct routine inspections. This allows you to detect trivial signs before they get out of hand.

These signs show a harmful crawl space, and homeowners need to be on the lookout and hire a professional to assess and develop a repair plan. Contact us at The Remediation Team and schedule a consultation with our representatives. Maintain healthy and safe premises by ensuring your crawl space is in top-notch condition.

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