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25 Feb 2022

Types of Water Damage

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There are many causes of water damage, from natural occurrences to damaged or faulty systems in our residential and commercial property. While water damage is not something that happens regularly, it is important to know the different types of water damage, to prevent further damage that can cost thousands of dollars. It is vital to onboard a water damage restoration company to ensure you protect your loved ones and your property safe as soon as you have incurred water damage. The Remediation Team has a well-trained and experienced team that guarantees exceptional water damage cleanup to restore your interior to its cozy ambience.


When you notice that your home is suddenly flooded, the first thing you need to do is to secure your valuable and other important possessions. However, before you can get into the water, you need to know and expertise to safely clear items from the house without putting yourself at risk. Here are some of the various categories of water damage that can help you know when to handle cleanup and when to hire a water damage restoration company.

Category One – Clean Water

The Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certificate (IICRC) categorizes water damage into three parts, with the first category originating from clean water that’s not polluted. There are many sources of category one damage, including ruptured water supply pipes, sink or bathtub overflows, broken toilet tanks, rainwater, and appliance malfunction, among many more. This type of water damage doesn’t pose any significant risk from ingestion, contact, or inhalation.

It is advisable to onboard a professional for water damage cleanup since category one can easily grow to category two. The Remediation Team recommends stopping the water source from preventing further damage before the experts arrive at your location. It would help if you also moved the furniture to ease cleanup and enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the entire restoration process.

Category Two – Grey Water

Greywater damage is usually caused by overflows or water evacuating a dishwasher or washing machine, an overflowing toilet bowl with waste material, raptured water bed, and many others. This type of water can lead to severe illness and discomfort if consumed since the grey color indicates organic or inorganic matter and microorganisms. It will help if you avoid direct skin contact during water damage cleanup by wearing the appropriate protective gear. If the necessary steps are not followed, it can easily grow into category three water damage.

Category Three – Black Water

Category three water damage is extremely contaminated water and contains toxins, pathogens, and other detrimental contaminants. A great example of black water sources includes sewage line backflow, rising flooded water, and seawater flooding. If cleanup is not handled properly, it can cause severe reactions to contact with your skin or consumption.

The Remediation Team can assess the affected area to determine the level of water damage and recommend the appropriate mitigation strategies. Contact us when dealing with water damage emergencies and enjoy top-notch water damage cleanup and restoration services at a pocket-friendly rate.

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