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11 Apr 2022

Types of Fire Damage That Can Occur in Your Home

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Fire damage is a common occurrence that affects many Americans annually. This ranges from smoke and soot damage to more hazardous fire damage. The United States reported an increase in fire damage claims by homeowners to approximately 58.4% of total shares associated with fire. There’s nothing more frustrating than experiencing fire damage, and that’s why The Remediation Team is your go-to fire damage restoration company. With years of providing top-notch fire damage restoration services, our team of experts has compiled a list of common types of fire damage. This is meant to help homeowners understand better the types of fire damage and how to prevent them.


Grease Fires

With everything in the kitchen, it is not a surprise that grease fires are at the top of the list. Grease fires pose a threat not known by many, which makes them even more dangerous. Unlike other types of fires that the water can put out, that’s not the case for grease fires. Water only fuels the flames, leading to devastating damage. The ideal solution to preventing such fires is by being mindful of what you cook with oil, and if a fire arises, water should never be used to put it out. A chemical fire extinguisher can calm the fire down, preventing further damage before the fire damage restoration company arrives at the scene.

Electrical Fires

Electrical fires are common across the United States, having left a devastating trail of damage worth millions of dollars annually. Faulty wires are the usual culprits for this type of fire damage and can quickly occur when your electrical system is overwhelmed. A common sign of electrical fires is the smell of burning Styrofoam or plastic, which is an indication that you need to turn off your power from the breaker. This gives you time to identify the source of the problem and prevent the problem from advancing. If you don’t know where to start, you should hire a reputable fire damage restoration expert once you turn off the power.

Candle Fires

Although candles are known for their lovely scent and ability to set the atmosphere, they can cause significant fire damage if not adequately checked. An unattended candle can shatter the glass holding the wax and spread. Since most candle brands use flammable wax, if an incident occurs, it exasperates the flame. Water is not recommended when putting out a candle fire since it can cause the wax to spread. We recommend throwing a lid over the glass, but a chemical fire extinguisher can be used or pouring sand on it if it has been applied. This will buy time before a fire remediation team arrives at the scene.

Curious Children

Out of 20,000 fire-related damages every year, 400 are lit by children in kindergarten and preschool. Although it is not as common, another often overlooked cause is a curious child or children at play. It is vital to provide children with the necessary information about fire safety to help mitigate fire damage. Contact us today at The Remediation Team, and schedule an appointment with the leading fire damage restoration company.

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