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17 Mar 2022

The Steps of Smoke & Soot Restoration Services

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There’s no doubt that fire is one of the most terrifying and devastating disasters one can ever experience. While fire has a lot of uses in our lives, it can destroy and damage valuable possessions and precious memories. After undergoing a traumatizing fire event, and everyone is safe, hiring a fire damage restoration company to help with the recovery process is time. The Remediation Team has an experienced and well-equipped group of professionals ready to address any fire damage and any hidden damage. This means providing additional services like smoke damage restoration to deal with the smoke-related damage and smells likely to appear after a fire.


If restoration is not handled appropriately, soot and smoke can be left behind, leading to further damage to your home or place of business. It can also lead to the deterioration of various components found in your home, like turning walls yellow and corroding electrical equipment, among other things. The most important step to take after a fire is to call the professionals from a fire damage restoration company as soon as possible to mitigate further damage. Here are steps recommended by the experts at The Remediation Team for smoke and soot restoration and removal.

What to Do Before Professional Cleanup Arrives

After the property is deemed safe for entry, you must start decluttering the affected areas. This involves going through all your belongings, choosing between salvageable and those that are not. If you can’t tell which items can be salvaged, the professionals from The Remediation Team can help you with that and help you get rid of what is beyond saving.

After ensuring that all the items in the affected area have been decluttered, the smoke damage restoration experts will go through your home to assess for signs of smoke damage on walls and ceilings. While it is usually easy to detect smoke damage, you’ll be surprised at how invasive it can be. We use extensive industry knowledge and expertise to assess the extent of smoke damage and recommend the ideal solution to alleviate any future issues.

Smoke and Soot Restoration

A fire damage restoration company has a team of trained and qualified professionals to handle such issues and have a deep understanding of fire and smoke damage. When you onboard The Remediation Team, we start by getting rid of all the soot in the affected areas. We leverage cutting-edge smoke vacuum and protective gear to enhance the quality of service.

The first cleanup phase requires a professional cleaning solution like vinegar or thinners before rinsing with hot water. The next step involves removing smoke from walls, ceilings, and windows using the appropriate chemicals and dry-cleaning. This gentle work should be left to a professional before wet cleanup commences. Contact us today at The Remediation Team, and schedule an appointment with our professionals. We guarantee exceptional fire and smoke damage restoration at a pocket-friendly price.

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