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Smoke and Odor Restoration

There are very few events as terrifying as a house fire. It is psychologically frightening, carries serious risk to life, and causes devastating damage to personal and real property. The damage continues even after the fire is out. In fact, putting out the fire is the easy part. Afterwards, smoke, soot, and other residue can eat away at property and pose health hazards. Fortunately, you have help. The Remediation Team offers smoke damage cleanup, soot removal, smoke damage repair, and smoke damage restoration in Atlanta. Call now to speak with a live representative and request an urgent dispatch. Our specialists are ready to get to your location in as soon as within thirty minutes.

Safety First

Smoke is grossly corrosive, capable of ruining anything in the home provided enough time and potency. All smoke is not the same either. Smoke from residential fire does not just come from burning wood. It also comes from burning plastics, leathers, rubber, fabrics, and other chemicals. Considering the toxicity of the smoke, it is imperative that you open as many doors and windows as possible and evacuate the property immediately.
Time is of the essence. Call The Remediation Team after you have called your local emergency department. Acid soot residue causes plastics, appliances, and porous materials to discolor within hours and even minutes. Within days, the residue can cause permanent discoloration and corrode metals. The Remediation Team is ready when you are.

Smoke Damage Cleanup

Once the property is deemed safe, it is time to declutter. The smoke damage cleanup process involves going through the belongings to separate salvageable items from those that are damaged or destroyed beyond repair. This part of the job can be emotional, but it is important to clear out the space quickly so that we can get started on the soot removal as soon as possible.


Soot Removal

Many property owners look for soot removal in Atlanta in particular because this is arguably the most important part of the smoke damage restoration process. As we mentioned earlier, soot can permanently damage property and even corrode metals. It is also quite dangerous to the lungs and can cause some types of cancer. As such, soot removal requires specialized tools and safety equipment. Don’t worry. The Remediation Team has the necessary equipment and experience to safely remove soot and ash from floors, walls, cracks, and crevices.

Detail Work

With the harmful and destructive soot removed, it is time to get to the final touches of the smoke damage restoration in Atlanta. We want to first clean up smoke damage and stains from walls, windows, ceilings, and floors before tackling the odors and packing up.

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If you live in the Atlanta area and have been searching the web for “smoke damage restoration near me,” then you are at the right place. The Remediation Team is proud to serve all areas of Atlanta with quick and reliable service. Feel free to call any time. Our live representatives and crew are ready to take your call and arrange an emergency dispatch.


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