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If you had a major sewage backup problem in your home or place of business, what would you do? A backed up or broken sewage drain pipe means you not only have water damage on your premises, but you now have a critical health hazard. A business can be seriously compromised by a sewage or drain pipe emergency. Carpeting and its underlying foam touched by this kind of water become unusable. If the break happens in a basement, anything stored down there will be contaminated and have to be thrown out.

You must call a professional sewage extraction company right away. If you put it off, things may get worse very quickly for your family, home or business is far too valuable. The water can do plenty of damage on its own like ruin wood, drywall, and fabric. However, if it’s sewage or drain water, you have a smelly cesspool on your floor, a small lake filled with dangerous micro-organisms and toxic components, creating an unhealthy living or working environment.

The Remediation Team will react to your call promptly. We will get your home or business sanitized so you and your family will once again be allowed to live in a healthful environment. To clean up the mess and check thoroughly for any pervasive secondary hazards, like mold, our expert team will use state-of-the-art technology and modern procedures.

If broken and backed-up sewage and drainage pipes are your problem, call THE REMEDIATION TEAM at 770-966-2232. Our phones are open, so call 24/7, 365 days a year. Our licensed experts will make sure your home or workplace is brought into compliance with all local and other governmental health codes.

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Our service area covers Acworth, Alpharetta, Canton, Cummings, Dallas, Dunwoody, East Cobb, Jasper, Johns Creek, Kennesaw, Marietta, Metro Atlanta, Milton, Roswell, Sandy Springs, Smyrna, Suwanee, Johns Creek, Milton, Vinings, Woodstock and Cherokee County. We pride ourselves on quality and efficient work that will restore your damaged property to a safe and healthful environment.

The Remediation Team is IICRC-certified, and we are fully licensed, bonded, and insured to deal with sewage and drain cleanup and restoration, as well as any secondary biohazards that might result from the event. As an added service, our staff will photograph and document everything, from the extent of the sewage or drain backup and its resulting damage to each step in our repair and remediation procedures.

Commercial & Residential Properties

Using modern technology and methods, we will find the source of the problem and assess the extent of the damage. We handle many problems of this kind, whether it’s due to complications outside the home or inside, we will treat your problems, your property and your possessions with great care.


We regularly update our training to keep our knowledge of the disaster restoration industry up to date. Our people are trained and experienced in restoring sewage and drain emergencies along with their secondary hazards. Our restoration teams conduct themselves like professionals in all situations. Working in such extreme conditions in a variety of structures – single- and multi-family housing, commercial property, and more – has been a part of the experience The Remediation Team has worked with in the past.

Each sewage or drain event is different from others. Each individual project requires a plan of action adjusted to fit its precise needs. Using a refined process, we will evaluate the circumstances of your damaged structure and possessions. To ensure quality service our restoration team begins with a general set of guidelines then redrafts it into a plan to meet all the granular needs and secondary hazards of your project.

Water Extraction Process

Our team will focus on giving you quick service and a thorough job to restore your property. They will not only restore water damaged walls, but they will remediate against any microbial infestations. Restoring any kind of water damage has potential biohazards, but this kind is especially tricky. Our team will be sensitive to these needs from the outset as they use certified techniques created by experts in the field and guaranteed to give excellent results.

The Remediation Team will send someone to your property to meet with you and assess your problem after we take your call. You can be sure you will be working with competent professionals capable of and equipped to handle your sewage or drain backup. Also, preventative steps will be taken to restore and protect your residence or business in the long-term.

Step 1 : Locate and Repair the Blockage/Breakage

The first thing to do is repair the problem area. If the event is caused by an obstruction blocking the water flow then powerful hydro-jets can be snaked into the pipeline to clear the blockage.

Step 2 : Cleaning up Sewage Water

Next, the sewage or drain water inside the premises will be pumped out and the area cleaned thoroughly. Anything this type of contaminated water has come into contact with is unusable and must be transported for appropriate disposal. Any carpeting or other saturated contents will have to be removed along with any affected drywall or wallpaper that has been touched by the water. The exposed floors and walls in affected areas are scrubbed with powerful detergents and sanitizers. Finally, strong industrial fans and dehumidifiers are brought in to push the excess moisture out of the affected area.

Step 3 : Inspecting the Premises

Residence or business, we use professional-grade technology such as infrared cameras, hydrometers, and other moisture detectors to check for possible mold. The instruments find hidden pockets of moisture within the walls, ceiling, under floors or other places that molds might grow. Toxic molds only need a place with excess moisture, oxygen, and an organic surface. When excess moisture is absorbed by common materials like wood, fabric, paper, or cardboard, it creates an environment where hazardous microbes can multiply.

A colony of biohazards such as black mold can lay hidden in moist enclosed spaces for long periods of time before the first symptoms are spotted. As the infestation grows and spreads to other parts of the home or business, they create an unhealthy environment. They will provide a feasible bid to remediate these areas.

Step 4 : Mold Remediation

Our certified team will sanitize the problem areas thoroughly with high-grade antimicrobial products and detergents specially formulated to destroy mold, mildew, and other biohazards. The infested area must be treated properly to stop the spread and prevent the infestation from recurring.

Step 5 : Restoration

The next step in our procedure will be restoring your premises to a quality at least equal to what it was before the incident began. The portions of insulation, drywall, and other ruined components will be replaced with fresh materials. Our main goal is to get the pieces of your life back together so that your family can get back to their familiar routines or your employees can get back to being productive for your company. With everything cleaned and sanitized your home or business has been brought back up to local health codes to provide a clean and safe living or working environment.

Step 6 : Final Inspections

At this point in the process, we will conduct our final inspection of your property to ensure that all contaminated areas have been fully cleaned and restored and the secondary biohazards remediated. Then you will be given a walk-through of the affected areas and shown the process we underwent to restore your property, from the sewage line that was blocked or broken to the last nook and cranny where moisture had created a potential hazard. Please, feel free to ask any questions about our process.

Step 7 : Helping With Insurance Claims

Finally, we will help with the insurance claim process. Most insurance companies in our service area are familiar with The Restoration Team and work well with us. We will provide accurate evidence that shows the conditions of your basement before and after the extraction and restoration process. We will also provide the proper documentation detailing our restoration procedures.

Be aware that it is unlawful for an insurance company to stipulate which company to use during this time. Feel free to do your research and choose a professional company with a proven track record of success, like The Remediation Team.

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