The Remediation Team is a fully equipped reconstruction contractor, performing all aspects of the project including carpentry, flooring, and structural repair.  Usually a home or business will remain occupied during a reconstruction project, so we will work closely with property owners to mitigate any distractions caused to occupants. In situations where the property is unoccupied, we can provide the board-up services as well.

If you have structural damage or a roofing and exterior damage brought on by violent weather, such as a tornado or hurricane, we can help with all aspects of the restoration.

Whether the damage has occurred to your residence, apartment building, or commercial property, call The Remediation Team right away at (770) 966-2232. We will arrive quickly- ready reconstruct your property to its pre-loss condition.

Fully licensed, bonded and insured, The Remediation Team serves customers in Georgia who reside in Acworth, Alpharetta, Dallas, Jasper, Kennesaw, Marietta, Roswell, Johns Creek, Milton, and Cherokee County. We are certified by the IICRC – Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification – a professional qualifier in the disaster restoration industry.

Because our certified technicians are the best qualified and most knowledgeable in Georgia, you can be assured we are prepared for the specific needs found in any type of reconstruction: fire-related issues, aging structure, asbestos abatement and a variety of other things. A leader in the industry in Georgia, The Remediation Team has worked with several residential and commercial customers in our service area. Our teams regularly update their technical training to stay on the leading edge with the newest equipment and procedures in our industry.

Our teams are also trained and experienced at dealing with any kind of toxic biohazard (such as black mold) that is harmful to your property and detrimental to the health of family and employees. We will work to remediate extreme conditions in any kind of structure.

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We Provide 24/7 Emergency Service

Completing a restoration as quickly as possible for the customer’s convenience without sacrificing quality is part of our service creed. Being a full-service company we can manage all aspects in the reconstruction of residential or commercial property, everything from driving the nails to the detailed finishing work. These and the many other services we offer will help customers who have suffered horrible disasters, inherited property with serious damage issues, or a municipality that needs a hazardous structure remediated or demolished.

Calling The Remediation Team

Our restoration teams are professionals when it comes to dealing with damaged structures. Our people have handled these extreme conditions in a variety of structures – single- and multi-family housing, commercial property, and more.

We use a series of refined restoration procedures to analyze the circumstances of your damaged structure and possessions. Our people will draft a plan to fix all the problems and remediate the potential hazards in your premises. While the granular details of each reconstruction project are a little different from another and requires a plan of action specific to its needs, we begin with a general set of guidelines that ensures everyone will receive the same quality service.

Step 1 – Inspect the premises

The first step in our process is assessing the structure to be renovated and determine the details of the project: the extent of damages, causes of the damage (fire, age, weather…), and what materials and tools will be needed for the project. After our team has worked up a plan of procedures, you will be presented with a feasible bid.

Step 2 – Boarding up services

Then we proceed to step 2, making your home or business secured, safe from the elements or intruders that can bring on further damage to your property. If your building remains unoccupied during the reconstruction, it is a prime target for break-ins and vandalism. Protective barriers will be set up and the roof covered with special tarps laid out to allow rain to flow harmlessly to the ground leaving your home or building and all contents unaffected. Also, the barriers will help avoid injuries that might otherwise be suffered by intruders, which can lead to litigious complications for the owners. We provide these extra measures to protect our customers and their property.

Step 3 – Renovate/Reconstruction and Finishing Work

When all the prep work is complete its time to start sawing the wood and hammering the nails. A large-scale reconstruction project requires skilled workers. Ensuring that your property is restored to a condition that is safe and comfortably livable for its occupants, our reconstruction teams will have the expertise to carry the project all the way through, from the beginning to every part of its detailed finishing work:

  • Cleaning up the carpet

Carpet in a reconstructed home or business should not have the ground in dirt that a high traffic area will have after a few years of wear. The old carpeting is replaced if necessary – cleaned if possible. We will provide a thorough vacuuming and shampoo to impress the customer or even the most critical visitor. If any paint specks are found, then the appropriate cleaners will be applied to completely clean them away.

  • Making the fixtures sparkle

The kitchen and bathroom are usually the two most important areas on the property. The Remediation Team will make the fixtures glisten with cleansers that are formulated for chrome, brass or whatever material they are made from. Countertops are washed and sanitized then left with a lustrous surface that will complement the tilework and bathtub.

  • Polishing the tile-work

Using cleansers and wipes, the tile-work around the walls and bathtub will be scrubbed to remove any dusty film leftover from the reconstruction work. If there happens to be gaps in the grout, they will be filled in to finish out the work.

  • Make sure the windows look good

Window cleaning is one of the many services also offered as part of the finishing work in our reconstruction package. The glass panes will be left cleaned. While putting together the various components of the building, inevitably specks of dried joint compound or paint will fall upon clean window panes. These will be carefully taken off with light scrubbing to avoid leaving an abrasion on the clear surface.

Step 5 – Final inspection

To ensure all problem areas have been addressed, we will make a final assessment of the property. This is followed up by a walk-through with you. All our procedures to reconstruct and restore your property will be explained and any questions will be answered. Finally, our people will assist you in moving all your possessions and furnishings back inside the project area.

Working with your Insurance Company

As a final service, we will help mitigate the claim process so it can move as smoothly as possible. We will work directly with your insurance company, providing evidence that shows the necessity of our procedures. We will provide any documentation and photographs detailing your restoration project to the insurance company.

Choose The Remediation Team

When a disaster strikes a blow against your residential or commercial property, or just natural aging renders a home uninhabitable, you need restoration professionals to help you. The damaged walls and flooring will be replaced with new materials, and we will restore many original fixtures and components. We can perform reconstruction on light to moderately damaged buildings. If a structure has taken irreparable damage, we can help with the demolition.

If you reside or operate a business in our service area, call The Remediation Team. With water or fire damage, we are ready 24/7 to step in before worse problems develop. Our staff has worked in private and multi-family homes, commercial property, health- or child-care facilities, and other types of structures. Call us at (770) 966-2232 for a competitive estimate, and we will help get your life back in order. We will respond promptly to your restoration needs whether its water damage, biohazard remediation, asbestos abatement or other problems.


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