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22 Aug 2022

Preventing Refrigerator & Ice Maker Water Damage

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Common causes of indoor flooding are faulty ice makers, refrigerators, connecting parts, and supply lines. Even with routine maintenance checks from a reputable water damage repair service, these appliances deteriorate over time, whereby connections become loose, and components are damaged. Failure to detect such issues during the early stages results in severe water damage, costing thousands of dollars in repairs. The Remediation Team can help you familiarize yourself with signs of deterioration to look out for by providing pertinent information and advice. If you suspect a problem with your ice maker or refrigerator, it may be time to contact a trusted water damage restoration company for inspection.


Most of the signs of damage go undetected until it's too late, hence the need to schedule routine professional inspections. A leaking refrigerator and ice maker are not usually a cause for concern. Still, delayed repairs can devastate your floor, wall, and other items in the way. Our experienced technicians have handled water damage issues, both small and big, guaranteeing effective solutions that mitigate future problems. Here are some ways to prevent water damage from your refrigerator or ice maker before hiring a water damage restoration professional for maintenance.

Check to See if You Need a Seal Replacement

Ice makers and refrigerators need proper gaskets and seals to keep the interior cool. If your appliances are not correctly sealed, they can leak due to moisture and condensation build-up. In addition, if warm air from the surroundings enters the refrigerator or ice maker, it overwhelms these appliances as they have to work harder to keep things cool. This ultimately enhances deterioration, reducing the lifespan and increasing utility bills. Therefore, we recommend replacing or repairing any defective seals before minor tears, cracks, or breaks become more pronounced.

Inspect the Drain Pan

A drain pan is crucial for collecting excess condensation and water, preventing it from stagnating at the bottom. A break or crack in the drain pan allows water to leak from the fridge or ice maker and onto the floor. Failure to detect the leak in time can lead to mold growth and compromise the structural integrity of your home. A professional water damage repair service leverages cutting-edge tools and equipment to enhance leak detection and repairs, alleviating the risk of water damage in the future.

Clogged Defrost Drain

Modern fridges come with an in-built automatic defrost, which has a line that carries the water from the defrost cycle and into the drain pan. Unfortunately, the defrost hole is usually located at the back of these appliances, so if you detect stagnant water inside your fridge, it may be a clog in the defrost drain. This usually happens when excess freezing or debris from the defrost cycle ends up in the tube.

If you detect any of these signs with your fridge or icemaker, the first call should be to a trusted water damage restoration company. Contact us at The Remediation Team and schedule a consultation with our representatives to enjoy quality services at competitive market rates.

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