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About Our Basement Water Damage Cleanup Services

At The Remediation Team in Palmetto, Georgia, 30213 we are aware that dealing with water in your basement is never an easy task and can be very stressful dealing with the cleanup efforts, whether it was caused by a storm, broken pipe, sewage backup, or an appliance break, you are going to need an expert basement flooding cleanup firm to do the necessary cleanup. The basement water damage cleanup service will first need to remove water then soon after it dry up. Since the longer time you take to clean up, the more exposure you have in the long run.  When unsalvageable, dry and treatable with a bacterial spray if they are ok to be preserved, the mold and the water soaked substance left behind must be drained. Mold is a major problem with the water in the basements, it is a health hazard and will seriously damage your home's integrity. Don't wait calling us during your basement  flooding at the first sight of groundwater770-966-2232.

basement water damage

You can always rely on the cleanup skills from our professional water damage cleanup business, we get the job done correctly and at the highest standard of clean possible. The Remediation Team in Palmetto, Georgia is always ready to help you and on call.   Do not wait until your basement water causes worse damage, more issues such as the development of molds and floors that can damage your health and property will arise.  Call us at the first on set of water in your basement in order to avoid these secondary damages 770-966-2232.

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As soon as you see standing water in your basement contact the experienced at The Remediation Team of Palmetto. You will really want to think about avoiding the possibility of any more damages, initial clean and removal of the standing water is the first step in the cleanup process. Quick response by us will assist to minimize any further damages known as secondary damage from forming. Digital moisture meters assist aid in documentation and progress monitoring of the moisture removal process. High powered air movers will dry the building while air scrubbers clean the air quality for you also. Dehumidifiers and heaters remove the last traces of any moisture within the building. No matter what the cause of your flood, we will restore any basement flooding.

basement water damage

The Remediation Team of Palmetto, Georgia has been cleaning up water damaged basements for over 25 years and can assist you with any restoration services that you may need. We will perform your disaster restoration job professionally for you. Our company will be the only best call you will ever make, we will assist you with any project at 770-966-2232.

The Remediation Team's Basement Water Damage Cleanup equipment is the best the industry has to offer, but we don't let it affect our prices. Our basement water damage cleanup crews prices are the most affordable in Palmetto, GA, 30213. We make sure our customer service is unmatched and every client leaves happy.

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