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03 Aug 2022

How to Treat Smoke Damage After a House Fire

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A house fire is overwhelming to think about, especially when it comes to restoring your items to pre-damage condition. After the insurance company is called and your home is declared safe to return to, smoke damage repair and cleaning are the next steps. The process can be a bit rigorous depending on the severity of the damage, but The Remediation Team can help you clean all the smoke from your items.


Smoke damage is caused by leftover soot after a fire. The smell that lingers with the smoke embeds deeply into porous materials and textiles, making it quite challenging to remove. While smoke and fire damage should be left to the experts, several steps can help you safely treat smoke damage. We leverage state-of-the-art tools and equipment to ensure our client's exceptional fire damage restoration when they need it the most.

Ventilate Your Home

Once the affected areas are declared safe, it's time to start cleaning. The first step involves removing any lingering foul odor and getting fresh air inside the room. Open up doors and windows, or use fans to circulate air effectively. This is a vital step to ensure the air is fresh as you conduct cleaning, preventing issues such as suffocation or respiratory complications.

Protect Yourself from Smoke and Soot Debris

Safety is crucial when dealing with smoke damage, so you must protect yourself by wearing a face mask or ventilator. While ventilating your home helps with fresh air circulation, it doesn't altogether remove dangerous chemicals that cause respiratory problems. You'll also need to protect your clothes by wearing long sleeves and pants and covering your shoes to avoid tracking soot around the house.

Vacuum the Loose Soot

After carefully cleaning all the loose soot from the affected area, it's time to remove the soot and smoke from various surfaces. Start with a shop vac and vacuum the loose soot that has settled on your items. Be gentle as you vacuum, and avoid scrubbing areas where soot is stubborn – since this can only cause it to stain.

Wipe the Soot and Smoke

This crucial step entails using a dry-cleaning (chemical) sponge to wipe away the smoke and soot. These sponges have chemicals that easily lift stains from surfaces like walls, preventing soot and smoke from spreading. If all the sides of the sponge are dirty, use a knife or pair of scissors to cut away the contaminated area, exposing the clean sponge beneath.

Use Chemical Cleaners

Numerous products on the market treat smoke and soot damage, which can be confusing to determine the most effective and safe to use. Most products come with instructions on how to use them, but if you prefer a more hands-off approach, consider hiring a professional. Consult a fire damage restoration company before purchasing any product to avoid risks like corrosion.

At The Remediation Team, our fire damage response team has extensive knowledge and expertise to handle all levels of fire damage and smoke damage repair. We guarantee top-notch restoration services at competitive market rates. Contact us today to book an appointment with our representatives.

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