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26 Jan 2022

How to Find a Reliable Water Damage Company

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If you have suffered water damage, then it’s important to get help as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, it isn’t always easy to know which company to hire for your water removal and restoration service. The technicians at The Remediation Team understand how critical hiring the right professionals can be. Are you struggling to find a dependable local water damage restoration company? Here are some tips on how to find reliable restoration experts in your area. 


Discuss Your Problems in Person or Over the Phone

The first step is to contact the companies available in your neighborhood and discuss your needs one on one with a representative. This will give you a general idea of their level of knowledge and experience and alert you to any red flags. 

Ask About the Company’s Credentials 

Next, ask the company about any credentials they may have. For example, how do they train their technicians? Do they require any certifications, are they members of well respected industry associations? These questions are important in determining the legitimacy of the company you will hire. 

Do They Have Fair and Transparent Prices? 

No one wants to deal with last-minute charges and hidden fees. While unexpected complications may arise from time to time, they should be able to explain their fee structure and what you should expect in terms of cost for the project. Make sure that they are transparent and willing to discuss expenses, so you don’t get overcharged after the fact. 

What Services Do They Offer? 

Not all restoration companies offer the same services. If you need extensive work performed on your property, you could end up having to pay more than one company in order to complete the work. This can add to labor costs and may require more time to get your property back to normal. Ask ahead of time whether they will be able to perform water extraction, water damage cleanup, and water damage repair services before they begin work. 

How is Their Customer Service? 

Did you call three times and still haven’t received a response? Do they often ignore phone calls altogether? This is a clear warning sign that their customer service needs improvement. While this may seem less important than the companies overall experience and skillset, hiring a company with terrible staff will hinder the efficiency of the project and can create communication issues between the technicians and the property owner. Don’t be afraid to shop around until you find someone with representatives who will put your priorities first. 

Are You Looking for a Reliable Water Damage Company in the Atlanta, GA, Area? 

Have you experienced a flood, burst pipe, or severe water leak? If you live in the metro Atlanta, Georgia area, then you have found the perfect solution. The Remediation Team offers premium water extraction and water damage restoration services for homeowners and businesses in Atlanta, Georgia, and surrounding communities. Contact our specialists to learn more about our process or to schedule a time for our technicians to come to your property. 

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