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07 Nov 2022

How Much Does Fire Damage Restoration Cost

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Fire can cause partial or entire destruction to your property. When you reach out to a fire damage restoration service, several factors determine the project's overall cost. At The Remediation Team, we assess the type of fire, property size, and specific damages before issuing an estimate. We provide an accurate and fair quote to ensure you get quality fire damage removal without breaking the bank. Suppose you have homeowners’ insurance or any other type of coverage that include fire accidents in their policies. In that case, we work with the insurance company to offer you the financial relief you need.


Fire Damage Restoration

A fire accident can cause devastating damage to your home or workplace. We leverage state-of-the-art equipment and restoration techniques to remove damaged materials and restore the structure. When a fire starts within your premises, a lot of water is used to put it out. This means you'll be dealing with burnt materials, structures, and water collected to prevent severe damage.

Our highly experienced fire damage removal experts ensure your home is quickly restored to pre-damage condition at pocket-friendly rates. The service cost depends on the fire's cause and the damage's severity. Since there are different types of damage, each requires a specific approach to restore the damage, which also means varying costs. Here are fire damage removal costs by cleanup.

Water Damage

As mentioned, putting out a fire requires a lot of water which collects inside the property. A surface exposed to moisture for more than 24 hours may experience water damage and subsequent effects like mold growth. Removing the water and repairing the damages range from $1,000 to $6,000, depending on the severity. The fire may not affect every area, but the large volume of water used to put out the fire can seep through the structure, compromising the safety of your building.

Smoke and Soot

Smoke damage usually has a restoration cost of $200 to $600. However, soot damage is more expensive and ranges from $1,800 to $6,000. Soot and smoke are challenging to remove after a fire, hence the need to hire a professional fire damage removal company. We inspect the affected area and issue a fair quote for each cleanup.

Odor Removal damage

The smoke's odor catches onto the furniture fabric, so deodorizing activities like thermal fogging may be required. The cost to repair the damage usually ranges between $200 to $1,000, and our technicians will ensure all the inaccessible areas are disinfected. We aim to restore your home's comfort and cozy ambiance by improving air quality.

Burnt Materials Removal

The burned and damaged items in your home must be removed and disposed of properly. A professional fire damage restoration quote ranges between $50 - $100 per pound. If the volume of damaged materials is high, the cost can reach $1,600.

These are some of the crucial costs associated with fire damage removal. Contact us at The Remediation Team and schedule a consultation with our representatives. We provide top-notch restoration services at competitive rates.

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