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28 Jan 2022

How Does Smoke Damage Affect Your Home?

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You have probably heard of the expression, “where there’s fire, there’s smoke.” With that being said, smoke damage is not easily noticed and can go undetected until it compromises the quality of your interior space. The Remediation Team can help you with fire damage restoration by using top-of-the-line soot removal equipment. This goes a long way in restoring your property to its former glory, that’s free from the harmful chemicals and fumes that fill the air after a fire hazard.
Smoke damage restoration is an essential service offered by the professionals at The Remediation Team to assess the extent of damage and get rid of severely smoke-damaged items in your home. However, after the event of a minor fire, we can help you with cleanup to prevent health complications from smoke damage.


How to Clean Smoke Damage

Smoke damage is usually a challenging undertaking that requires specialized equipment and expertise, significantly if the entire interior is affected. If the smoke is emanating from a single room, there’s a chance your AC system is responsible for spreading it to the rest of your house. Before embarking on any cleanup, it’s advisable to onboard the experts at The Remediation Team, who will collaborate with your insurance provider if you have claims due to soot and smoke damage.
Assessing the extent of smoke damage can be challenging for an inexperienced person, but the professionals at The Remediation Team guarantee top-notch smoke damage restoration. We are well-equipped to conduct a comprehensive damage assessment before recommending the most appropriate soot removal and cleanup solution.
While homeowners can handle cleanup on their own if the damage is minor, you are likely to leave residue in the affected areas without the proper tools. Onboarding our experts allows you to leverage our specialized equipment and experience to ensure the job is done correctly. When dealing with acute smoke, here are some things to help enhance cleanup efforts.

Your Target

Removing minimal or moderate smoke damage requires one to consider the intended target. This can range from carpet, upholstered furniture, and kitchen countertops. All these items react differently to cleaning chemicals, and it’s advisable to ensure you don’t incur further damage during cleanup. The Remediation Team can guarantee the safety of your property during smoke damage remediation by using appropriate cleaning chemicals.

Vacuuming and Wiping

It’s advisable to start with dry cleaning techniques before using water-based solutions. If you lack the proper equipment to get the job done, you can have a reputable remediation company conduct a thorough cleaning. We are well-equipped to handle cleaning and vacuuming in all areas of your home, guaranteeing you a soot-free interior.
While baking soda can help you get rid of bad smells, the task can be more significant than you expected. Although it’s essential to start cleanup early before you incur further damage, you should know when to ask for help. The Remediation Team can lift the burden of cleanup off your shoulders by providing quality smoke damage remediation at an affordable rate. Contact us today, and schedule an appointment with our expert contractors.

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