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Hoarding Clean-up

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Hoarding has become an epidemic in the United States that is gaining more attention in the media. Many “hoarders” came out of the Great Depression in the early Twentieth Century and hoard for the fear of falling again on economic hard times. The massive accumulation of items over the years can lead to massive hazards.

Hoarding can cause many issues within a property. A home can become so cluttered that it is difficult to move through rooms and hallways. The house becomes filthy and falls into disrepair because of the clutter, years of boxes being stacked here and there or piles of “stuff” growing into large heaps. In some cases, bathrooms become so cluttered that personal bathing and hygiene are nearly impossible.

Other dangerous conditions include diseases, fire hazards, vermin and more. As the piles and boxes accumulate, they can crowd or block electrical outlets. If the hoarder happens to be a smoker, one errant bit of hot ash could spark a deadly fire that would spread rapidly. Also, the accumulated trash attracts rats, mice and snakes.

A hoarder’s family is often reclusive because they are too embarrassed to ask a friend over. The children or grandchildren commonly don’t discuss the situation for the same reason. Then the elderly parents/grandparents die and the heirs are left with stacks of boxes or random piles of trash that must be cleaned up.

If you or a family member is faced with a hazardous cleaning job such as this, call in the professionals. The Remediation Team is equipped to deal with the questionable conditions of a hoarding cleanup. A building in this condition should be left to professionals because of the potentially unhealthful condition. With boxes and a variety of other articles stacked on one another, the cleaner may have to deal with the rodents, reptiles and often toxic molds or other biohazards.

Call The Remediation Team right away at 770-966-2232 and we will be there quickly, ready to clean up the property and restore it to a quality at least equal to its pre-damage condition. Fully licensed, bonded and insured, we serve customers in Georgia who live or do business in Acworth, Alpharetta, Canton, Cummings, Dallas, Dunwoody, East Cobb, Jasper, Johns Creek, Kennesaw, Marietta, Metro Atlanta, Milton, Roswell, Sandy Springs, Smyrna, Suwanee, Johns Creek, Milton, Vinings, Woodstock and Cherokee County. We are certified by the IICRC – Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification – a recognized professional qualifier in the restoration industry.

A trained and experienced service

Our cleaning technicians routinely upgrade their occupational training to stay in the forefront with the most innovative equipment and methods in our industry. A leader in the industry in Georgia, The Remediation Team has worked with several residential and commercial customers in our service area.


Because our certified technicians are the best qualified and most knowledgeable in Georgia, you can be assured we are qualified to safely conduct any type of hazardous clean-up project and a variety of other restorations services, like fire-related issues, biohazard remediation, asbestos abatement and more.

Our teams are trained and experienced at dealing with hoarding cleanups and any secondary biohazards (such as black mold, rot) that might result. Many molds are harmful to your property and detrimental to the health of your family. We will remediate these extreme conditions in any kind of structure.

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Our Process

Completing a clean-up as quickly as possible for the customer’s convenience without sacrificing quality is part of our service creed. Also, we are full-service in dealing with hoarder clean-ups, and will help in completely restoring the property.


The Remediation Team is recognized for using acceptable billing practices recognized by most major insurance providers in our service area. We commonly work with the customers through the claims process, to help them get a fair settlement.

Step 1 : Inspect

Before our team carries the first out of the building, the contents of the hoarder’s residence must be thoroughly analyzed. This first phase of the cleanup may require our technicians suit up in protective clothing and masks as they go through the house and look behind and inside boxes. Some of the articles may have to be moved around to get a full assessment of what has been stored. Oftentimes, rot and mold in a hoarder’s residence can cause an overwhelming stench (a possible indication of toxic vapor or spore) that requires a protective mask as our people work.

There is always the possibility of coming upon a nest of living pests and varmints. The longer an item remains unmoved, the greater the likelihood that something is going to take up residence. In fact, the odds of not finding spiders (possibly venomous) is remote – even highly unlikely.

Then there are the larger vermin like mice and rats, which are a common food source for snakes. One would think that the hoarder would lay out traps and poisons, but there is the possibility that they missed one or two.

Once the inspection is over you will be presented with an estimate for our services.


Step 2 : Extract

Once the estimate is approved, we will begin hauling things out of the premises to dumpsters or large trailers which will be used to safely transport the contents away. Loose articles will be safely bagged up and carried out.

Step 3 : Remediate

As bio-hazards like rot, mold or mildew are commonly found in a hoarder’s residence, we offer remediation service if the need arises. Some of the boxes may have been setting in the same places for years – even decades. Eventually, rot (bacteria) and molds will set in. Many boxes may store wool clothing or other organic materials which can create an environment for such biohazards as black mold.

In order to colonize, mold needs water, oxygen, and an organic surface to settle in and flourish and this will usually happen in an enclosed place where moisture can collect. Once a mold colony takes root, the affect area increases. Under the right conditions, mold can spread from the hoarder’s content into the structure of the house – or vice versa.

Step 4 : Restore

As rot and mold spread, some components of the structure – such as wood and drywall – may be compromised. The Remediation Team is bonded, licensed, and insured for this type work also. With your consent, we can replace ruined wood, carpeting, drywall and other structural elements with fresh material.

Step 5 : Finish

Once the property has been cleaned, The Remediation Team will  provide finishing services such as painting, tiling or carpeting to provide a fresh and clean interior environment.

Choose The Remediation Team

When the time comes to clean up the mess in a hoarder’s residence, you need the help of a professional company. After the years of accumulated trash is cleared, the home must be remediated and sanitized to ensure a livable condition. In some cases, mold or some other infestation must be remediated before it can be safe healthful environment again. Ruined flooring or drywall will be replaced with new materials. We can perform any reconstruction on light to moderate damage.

If you or a family member is suffering from hoarding and needs help with the cleaning process, call The Remediation Team. We understand the delicate situation and can assist in restoring the property back to a healthy environment. Our team of technicians have restored private and multi-family homes, trailers, condominiums and apartments. Call us at 770-966-2232 for a competitive estimate, and we will help get your life back in order.

When you choose The Remediation Team, we will respond promptly to your clean-up needs whether its hoarding clean up, biohazard remediation, asbestos abatement or other problems.

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