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Fire Damage Restoration in Kennesaw

Many might not know what to do after a fire, or simply would be in shock after something so devastating. Most of the damage has been done with the fire, however, there can be more damage done if not acted upon fast. After the fire is extinguished, call a fire damage restoration company in Kennesaw, like The Remediation Team, so that the fire damage restoration process can begin. If we act quickly, we can save some of your valuable items and possessions. The Remediation Team is a company with focused workers that are determined to restore and clean as much of the damage as they can. We work on soot removal, smoke damage restoration, and of course, fire damage restoration as well. When a fire happens, call for "fire damage restoration near me" immediately.

What Is the Process?

  • Assessment: As we make our way through the ruins, we evaluate our surroundings and come up with a restoration plan first. Every fire can leave a different kind of damage behind, whether it be to the foundation of the property, the interior, or structural damage. After we’ve made our plan, we will discuss it with you, so you are also educated on what we’re about to do.
  • Water Damage: When the fire gets extinguished, firefighters use dry chemicals or water to calm the flames. This takes out the fire, but then it’s up to us to dry all the remaining puddles of water around the area because if the dampness stays, mold can begin to grow on walls and furniture. This is an important part of the steps of fire damage restoration in Kennesaw.
  • Debris: After the water has been dried, we remove any belongings that look like they can be restored. They will be sent to professionals and will be deep cleaned if possible.
  • Cleanup: In this step, we clean all surfaces that were affected by the fire. Not removing soot properly is a hazard and can lead to health problems. Soot removal is a crucial part of smoke damage restoration in Kennesaw. Neglecting the cleaning can have serious consequences for your health and others. The smoke damage restoration can finish quickly if we are called in as early as possible. Deep cleaning all the soot and smoke odors require delicate work, and The Remediation Team gives you that.
  • Restoration: After the fire damage restoration in Kennesaw is over, the real restoration can start. Restoring your home should be exciting. You can rebuild your missing home or remodel it. You can consult with a fire damage restoration company in Kennesaw and plan out the design. It may take from weeks to months depending on the amount of damage but stay patient.

Smoke Damage Restoration in Kennesaw, GA

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The part that needs the most detailed work in the process may be the smoke damage restoration in Kennesaw, though all the other steps require attention as well. If the damage of the fire and smoke is not cleaned well enough, this can be a serious consequence to your health. That is why The Remediation Team is the best option for you, with reliable workers and truthful promises. Don’t search for "fire damage restoration near me", call us instead.



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