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Fire Damage Restoration Service in Atlanta, GA

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Stories about fires are far too common and the losses are great. According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), in 2020, local fire departments responded to roughly 1.4 million fires in the United States. These fires led to 3,500 civilian deaths, 15,200 reported injuries, and nearly $22 billion in property damage. A significant portion happens in homes. Taking preventative measures and arranging urgent fire damage cleanup and fire damage restoration in Atlanta can save lives and prevent extensive property damage. Residents in Atlanta can call The Remediation Team any time to arrange urgent fire damage repair and fire damage cleanup in Atlanta. Our representatives and specialists are on standby to take your call to schedule an emergency fire damage restoration service in Atlanta, GA and all nearby towns for you.

Causes of House Fires

There is a wide range of fire hazards, but a large majority of fires are caused by one, or a combination, of three sources:


  • Cooking fires cause about half of all residential fires. These often start when greases become overheated and combust. Once the grease is ignited, it is very difficult to smother its flames. Never leave the cooking area unattended and thoroughly clean your cookware to prevent grease buildup. Do NOT throw water over a grease fire! Evacuate the area and call the fire department immediately.
  • A little over 10 percent of residential fires are caused by heating appliances. Always follow instructions on these devices and inspect them regularly to ensure their working condition. Never leave the area with a heater running.
  • Faulty electrical wiring cause over 50,000 fires each year, accounting for nearly 500 deaths, 1,400 injuries, and $1.3 billion in property damage. Leave electrical work to certified electricians and don’t forget to schedule your routine electrical inspections.

Who to Call?

In the event of a fire, you should immediately call the local fire department. Before you call the property insurance company, however, we recommend you call The Remediation Team. Having a third-party inspect the fire damage and provide an objective assessment can save you from getting lowballed by the insurance adjuster. The Remediation Team is your local Atlanta fire damage restoration company to call.

Fire Damage Cleanup Experts in Atlanta

About the Fire Damage Restoration Process

Fire damage restoration is a sensitive and meticulous process. The risks are not completely eliminated when the fire is put out. For example, acidic soot and smoke will continue to eat away at the personal property. Even the water used to put out the fire can damage the property. These, along with mold and mildew growth, are also harmful to your health.
Our fire damage cleanup and fire damage repair in Atlanta is a comprehensive process that eliminates apparent as well as subtle threats before getting to the detailed cleaning.

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If you live in Atlanta or the surrounding areas and have been searching the web for “fire damage restoration near me,” then you are at the right place. The Remediation Team is ready to dispatch a crew to your location in as soon as sixty minutes for any type of fire damage restoration services in the Atlanta area. We are ready to take your call now.


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