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Crawl Space Mold Remediation

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Responsible homeowners know to look out for signs of deterioration and the growth of mold and mildew is one such sign. However, even the most mindful and vigilant property owners can miss mold in the crawlspace. Discovering mold is step one, but it the job is incomplete until the crawlspace mold remediation is performed. This is a job that is best left to the professionals. Unless you have the tools and protective equipment and want to get dirty, then call The Remediation Team to leave the crawlspace mold remediation in Atlanta to trained specialists. Our live representatives and dedicated crews are on standby to take your call. We are ready when you are.

Crawlspace Mold Is Dangerous

Many property owners only look indoors when performing their routine inspections for mold. Their usual reasoning is that mold is natural outdoors and will not affect the household. In reality, crawlspace mold is dangerous and can pose a serious risk to your health and property.
First, let’s clear up a misconception. Just because the mold is outdoors does not mean it cannot get indoors. The air from your crawl space can find its way into your house and circulate. That air can cause negative health issues such as eye irritation, coughing, wheezing, throat irritation, and respiratory issues.
Moreover, mold can slowly eat away at organic material such as wood. Ignoring crawlspace mold can lead to structural damage and bring down parts of the building. Do not delay your crawlspace mold remediation any longer. Call The Remediation Team to schedule a consultation or arrange an emergency dispatch today. We are ready to take your call any time.


How to Prevent Crawlspace Mold

They say an ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure. Though complete prevention is practically impossible, there are steps you can take to reduce the risk of crawlspace mold growth:

  • -    Make sure dryers are vented to the outside of the house and not into the crawlspace.
  • -    Ensure gutters and downspouts are channeling water at least six feet away from the house.
  • -    Install one square foot of ventilation for every 150 square feet of crawlspace area.
  • -    Place insulation against the subfloors to keep hot and cold air from meeting and creating moisture.
  • -    Inspect plumbing and HVAC components for leaks at least twice a year.
  • -    Consider a quality dehumidifier for the crawlspace.
  • -    Consider a sump pump installation if the grading of the crawlspace allows for water to pool.

Call The Remediation Team

Atlanta residents who have noticed mold growth in their crawlspace and have been searching the web for “crawlspace mold remediation near me,” need look no further. The Remediation Team is a time-tested, IICRC certified company serving all areas of Atlanta. Our friendly representatives are happy to answer questions and concerns, schedule a flexible appointment, or arrange an emergency dispatch. Our crew can be at your location in as soon as within 60 minutes. Do not delay the mold remediation. Call The Remediation Team as soon as possible. We are ready when you are.


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