Commercial Restoration

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The professionals at The Remediation Team have worked hard to become leaders in the restoration industry. Water damage is one of the most common types of damage that can happen to a property. 98% of all property owners will have to deal with it at some time or another during their lifetime. When you factor in the the threat of not only water, but also mold damage to your property’s structure and contents, you being to see why water damage is something that the specialists at The Remediation Team take seriously. A sudden rush of water can cause massive damage to not only the building, but also any of the contents/inventory held inside of it.

The Remediation Team not only trains our service technicians to safely deal with water damage, but also in contents cleaning and disaster planning services – while there isn’t always much you can do to stop a flood from occurring, it’s wise to be prepared for one. The sooner that actions can be taken to mitigate the water damage, the less overall damage there will be. By hiring a professional restoration team to handle your commercial water damage, you are investing into the future of your commercial property and its valuable inventory.

Emergency Water Damage Services 24/7, Day or Night

Effect of water damage to your commercial property can be devastating and widespread, so when you find water in your property, it’s important to get the help that you need as soon as possible. That’s why The Remediation Team has emergency water damage technicians available 24/7, day or night, so we can be there for you when you need it the most. Our emergency vehicle will be on site in 60 minutes or less of your call, and will be bringing  all of the tools and equipment needed to get to work right away. If your business has been the victim of a water damage property loss, whether its from a burst pipe or outside flood waters, it’s vital to get the help you need now!

Water Damage Restoration

Even the smallest amount of water can cause severe damage to a property, especially if it’s not taken care of in a timely manner. Water can penetrate into the spaces between your walls, under flooring, and even into your ceilings and closest. A steady leak can create water vapor, which over time can cause the humidity to reach dangerous levels and promote the growth of mold which can clean to structure rot. Water damage can cause damage to electronic systems and carpeting alike! Also, no one wants to enter and do business in a building that reeks of mold and mildew. No matter what your business is, water damage can cause real headaches for you unless it’s dealt with by a professional water restoration company.

The problems that cause water damage may not always be visibly obvious, but some of the effects are. The sooner that your water damage is handled, the better.

Some things to keep a close eye for in and around your commercial property:

  • Discoloration or stains
  • A musty odor or visible mold
  • Warm, cool, or discolored spots on concrete
  • Cracked walls or foundations
  • Increased water bill, with no obvious increase in usage
  • Dripping or water sounds when no water is running

If you’ve seen these signs on your property be sure give the experts at The Remediation Team a call right away. Ignoring a water damage problem can lead to hazardous mold and structural damage that will only worsen over time.

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